Among the benefits of establishing a SHAMS business set up is that you do not need a physical presence to run it. Rather, you can conduct your operations anywhere you like. Shams free zones also provide all the benefits of a standard LLC, including the ability to appoint corporate managers and directors. Shams free zones also introduce the registered agent system, which maintains a point of contact and contributes to the decentralized structure. You will also receive fast and valid information support when dealing with any issues.

Lower cost:

Several benefits of setting up a business in a Shams free zone include lower costs. Companies registered in these zones are not subject to corporate taxes. There are no restrictions on marketing consultancy, event management, e-commerce, media services, and more. You can also choose from the 120 different activities offered in the free zone. Moreover, the fee for setting up a business in Shams starts at AED 5,750 but varies according to the nature of the business.

The registration process is easy and quick:

In addition to lower costs, the registration process in a Shams free zone is quick and easy, reducing red tape. You can also register for more than one activity in the same office. You can conduct different activities, including trading, manufacturing, and other types of business. The registered agent system helps you streamline the process of opening bank accounts. In addition, the free zone also provides a list of banks in the area to simplify the process.

Shared office space:

Sharing office space with other entrepreneurs in the free zone is a great way to build a strong community. At the Shams free zone, you can get dedicated desks or share a co-working space. These flexible, affordable options can be expanded as your business grows. Here are some other benefits of sharing office space with other entrepreneurs in the free zone.

Sharjah is a progressive emirate known for its affordable living conditions and highly skilled workforce. Sharjah free zones are conveniently located near major highways (E88 and E611) and are accessible to two international airports. It would help if you considered seeking the advice of a business consultant for more information. In addition to providing free office space, Sharjah free zones are known to offer business opportunities in different sectors.