There are a lot of myths behind a single piece of art. Take the example of Mona Lisa, some artists say that she is happy while some say that she is said, some say stuff about the background etc. No one can say for sure about whether she is happy or not because that secret is buried with the painter. There are so many myths about the yet to be discovered art pieces like there is a saying that a painting made by Leonardo da Vinci is still missing and when someone finds it, the painting will lead to a huge treasure. Yet, no one has found such painting. If you are about to become a painter then you will hear weird things about it but we have debunked some common myths below.

Myth: you need to be born with the painting skills.

Fact: there are some painters who were never taught in a school or an art institute yet they paint heavenly but it is not true that you have to be born with this talent. You can become an artist of any kind by practicing and by studying about it as well.

Myth: painting is easy.

Fact: if you say this in front of an artist, he or she will def end things with you for good or they will ask you draw a single straight line and then ask you if it seems easy. Painting is the most difficult kind of thing to do because you will have to make it with perfection and if not perfection, then give it a kind of meaning.

Myth: paintings have to be perfect

Fact: this is untrue because now a days, we have seen paintings that have no meaning as well, yet art collectors from around the world buy it in millions. You just have to paint whatever you want and the art fans will find a meaning it in itself. But if you are a beginner, put some meaning in it.

Myth: if you cannot draw, you cannot paint.

Fact: this is not true at all. The very famous painters of the time did not draw at all and yet they have been listed among the most legendary artists of all time.

Myth: art supplies have to be expensive.

Fact: not true at all, because you can buy any kind of art materials in Dubai. You just have to put them to work.