Providing a tip to your HVAC technician for AC service in Abu Dhabi is a great way to show your appreciation for the quality of their work and the time they’ve taken to install or repair your HVAC components. In a recent forum survey, most members found the practice to be both respectful and helpful. While some professionals said it might be considered rude, most members appreciated the gesture. And while most of them remarked that it was a good idea to offer a tip, they still felt that there were better ways to show their appreciation.

Cleaning the air conditioner condenser:

Performing regular maintenance tasks on your air conditioner can prevent unnecessary repairs. Cleaning the condenser is simple and can be completed with a few tools. Many people already have a vacuum cleaner or shop vac at home. A screwdriver and long-handled brush are also useful tools to have. You can also use rags to clean the condenser unit. Changing the air filter is another good idea when cleaning the condenser.

Changing the air filter:

The first step when changing the air filter in your AC unit is to remove the old one. The filter should be four inches thick and fit into the slot. It is best to choose a filter that is not too thin or too thick because these will allow harmful particles to pass through. Next, line up the frame of the filter with the compartment. Replace the cover and re-energize the unit. Make sure you change the air filter regularly. People with allergies or pets need to change the filter more frequently.

Cleaning the drain pipe:

If you have an AC unit in your home, you may want to clean out the drain pipe regularly. A buildup of debris and other debris will slow the work of your AC and make it difficult for the unit to operate properly. A solution of distilled white vinegar is a good home remedy for cleaning drain lines. You can also use hot water or hydrogen peroxide with a dash of dishwashing liquid. The vinegar should be allowed to sit for 30 minutes to dissolve any residues. After that, you can flush out the pipe with water to ensure proper operation.